Biopticon Reaches Milestone in Market Adoption

September 30, 2011

Biopticon Corporation reaches milestone in market adoption of their innovative Tumor Management System for preclinical oncology studies.

Innovative instrument and software create revolutionary system to improve data, work-flow and results from in vivo cancer models

Princeton, NJ Biopticon today announced that it had met its first milestone for customer adoption of the revolutionary TumorImagerTM with the installation of in multiple systems at Merck sites Boston and Palo Alto. Previous placements were made at Johnson & Johnson’s Ortho Biotech Oncology R&D unit, AstraZeneca’s MedImmune unit, Covidien Imaging, Bayer and the Simon Cancer Center at Indiana University.

Dr. Cem Girit, Founder and President, added “as we see our imagining technology gaining acceptance for preclinical oncology applications we can now continue development of systems for arthritis research.”