About Us

Cem Girit was born in Ankara, Turkey, and completed his Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics from the University of Sussex, Brighton, UK. He was an assistant professor in the Physics dept at Princeton University and did nuclear physics research at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee. He went on to work in the pharmaceutical and telecommunication industries where he developed the idea for the Tumor Management System based on preclinical cancer studies he observed. In 2003 he started Biopticon in collaboration with Bristol-Meyers Squibb and has been continually updating the TumorImager-2TM and TumorManagerTM systems since then.

Jason Puchalla is part of the faculty in the Department of Physics at Princeton University. He received his Ph.D. from M.I.T., working in Experimental Cosmology, then transitioned to Biophysics. His lab at Princeton leverages a range of cross-disciplinary techniques to explore the overlap between physics and the life sciences, including optics, microfluidics, and computational modeling. He is also very active in university outreach and developing non-traditional teaching methods for introductory physics. He has been working as a development consultant with Biopticon since 2009.