Tumor Measurements with the TumorImager

TumorImager - Device for fast and accurate 3D subcutaneous tumor measurement

TumorImager 2: Tumor Size Measurements

TumorImager2 - Handheld Device for fast and accurate 3D subcutaneous tumor measurementThe new TumorImager 2™, our second generation scanning device for subcutaneous tumor measurements on small animals delivers accurate results like its predecessor, can be quickly converted between a hand-held and hands-free scanner, and produces real color images of tumor scans. Furthermore TumorImager-2 is more accessible through much lower pricing.


Tumor measurement management with Biopticon’s TumorManager program

TumorManager: Tumor Management Program

A comprehensive pre-clinical oncology study management program that manages every aspect from protocol design to statistical analysis to final reporting. Comprehensive animal study management from study design and data capture to analysis and reporting final results.


Often used in studies using lab rats or mice, we offer specialized support for our tumor measurement management systemService & Support for Tumor Management

Biopticon offers specialized support for our Tumor Management System. We are committed to helping you solve everything from simple usage questions to complex technical issues.



Tumor Volume Measurements by Calipers
The widely accepted method for calculating the volume of subcutaneous tumors is to measure the length and width of the tumor with a caliper, and, while assuming...